This is the change log of the MDBitz Security and Authentication Framework for PHP. The current available release of the framework can be found on the downloads page

Version: 0.2.0    Released: 02-25-2010

Database Support added to the Security Framework

  • Database Access Control Engine
    • MDSecurity_AccessControl_Database: Configurable Access Control allowing you to verify users against a database.
  • MDSecurity_Database: Database Object (utilizes PDO) to enable use of the same Database Connection throughout different elements of the framework.
  • Database Session Handler
    • MDSecurity_SessionHandler_Database: Configurable Session Handler allowing you to save session information in a database table instead of a flat file.

Version: 0.1.0    Released: 02-21-2010

Initial release of the MDBitz Security and Authentication Framework.

  • creation of main class MDSecurity
    • configurable verification of user IP
    • configurable verification of Browser (User Agent)
    • configurable session and request timeouts
    • configurable max login attempts
  • implementation of the abstract Access Control Engine:
    • MDSecurity_AccessControl_Basic: configurable static user/password authentication
    • MDSecurity_AccessControl_BasicEncryption: configurable static user/password authentication with configurable password encryption
  • initial implementation of Encyrptor interface with support for following hash algorithms:
    • Base64
    • md5
    • sha1
    • sha256
  • basic Session Handler module
    • MDSecurity_SessionHandler_FilePath: configures the file path for saving session data.